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I believe in Knoxville. As Mayor, I'll work tirelessly to ensure our city is a healthy, safe, smart, and vibrant community for everyone. Join our team of volunteers as we Grow Knoxville Together!

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The Mannis Campaign Icon is referred to as the 'Wheel of Progress.' The wheel is made up of six figures, each representing a city voting district. Their arms are raised, and joined together in a circle, demonstrating the community and inclusiveness that I believe Knoxville needs, to continue to thrive. The sun in the center reflects the bright future I see for this incredible city that we all call home.

Loyalty BLUE

References upper corner of Knoxville City flag. This reflects the commitment that I have had to this city throughout my life, and my determination to make sure Knoxville continues to grow and prosper, as I believe it can.


References lower corner of Knoxville City flag. Knoxville requires strong leadership, and a mayor who is not afraid to make the tough decisions required to take Knoxville to the next level. We need someone who has the courage to battle for what is right for this city, and the perseverance to see through projects to completion. That is what I am committed to bring to Knoxville as Mayor.


References golden wheel of progress; central to Knoxville City flag. Knoxville has come so far during my lifetime, but there is so much more to be done. We have to be committed to progress in all its forms – economic and social – to continue to build a city that we are proud to call home.


References stripes of Knoxville City flag; represents industry. Knoxville has proud economic roots, and we must always use that spirit to ensure we are a business-friendly city, attracting jobs across multiple sectors, and exciting opportunities for our people.


References blue circle of Tennessee flag; represents unity. Every one of us is invested in making sure that this city is the best it can possibly be. As mayor, I will seek to unite our people across political and economic divides, to find the best solutions for everyone.


References City of Knoxville’s mark, represents Tennessee River and Knoxville landscape. We are fortunate that our city has an incredible natural backdrop, and it’s important that Knoxville takes advantage of the rich opportunities that our environment provides.

FAITH WHITE: References center of Knoxville flag; represents faith. Knoxville brings together people of all faiths and all beliefs. Whatever your individual beliefs, I know that we are all united by our shared belief in this city, and the potential for Knoxville to become a jewel in the crown of the South-East. As mayor, I will be committed to turning this belief into reality.

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