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I believe in Knoxville. As Mayor, I'll work tirelessly to ensure our city is a healthy, safe, smart, and vibrant community for everyone. Join our team of volunteers as we Grow Knoxville Together!

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I’m Eddie Mannis, and I’ve been fortunate to call Knoxville my home for my entire life. This is a city I love and believe in, and one that I think can be even better in the future than it already is today. It’s my passion to make this city the best it can possibly be. I have watched this city grow and change for many years, and I’ve never been so confident that we now have an amazing opportunity ahead of us. I hope you will join me in building an even brighter future for this incredible city we all call home.



Our Knoxville must have strong and safe neighborhoods. A city that looks after all of its citizens and works in partnership with our institutions and civic leaders to make sure our people are protected and cared for.


Our Knoxville must be economically vibrant. A business-friendly city that attracts and retains businesses big and small for the long-term, creating jobs and opportunities for our people new and old.


Our Knoxville must be healthy. A city that seeks to address the serious health issues that affect our communities, while building on the rich quality of life opportunities that our natural environment provides.


Our Knoxville must be smart. A city that enables its people of all ages to be the best possible version of themselves through education and self-improvement helping ensure we have a workforce that is ready to face the challenges of our rapidly growing economy.


Our Knoxville must be united. A city that works across political and economic divides to get to the best solution for all of our people. Our institutions, our organizations, and our representatives must work together to be as effective as they can be.


Our Knoxville must be people-focused. A city that recognizes that people are at the heart of everything we do - and that we have to deliver the best possible services across all areas to the benefit of the people and businesses that make this city such a great place to call home.

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